Crowdfunding Acceleration for Campaigns & Platforms


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“Crowdfunding has revolutionized the ability to launch an idea by sourcing capital, awareness, and demand from people across the world. CrowdAffect is revolutionizing the way social, animal welfare, and environmental solutions receive the funding they need to change the world.”

Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Do you have a live crowdfunding campaign or are planning to launch one?  Our Crowdfunding Acceleration services help place your campaign in front of individual people who have funded similar campaigns across almost any other platform through ads in social networks or in front of people proven to care about your cause through our Cause Ad Network!  Boost the odds of your campaign exceeding its goal many times over just by reaching people who have been proven to care about similar campaigns before.  With CrowdAffect, it’s not guess-work, it’s science!

Crowdfunding Acceleration for Platforms

Last year there were over 500 crowdfunding platforms; this year there will be over 1,000.  We help crowdfunding platforms acquire new users, provide acceleration options to their crowdfunders, and increase total funds raised.  Our services help crowdfunding platforms increase revenue and ROI from crowdfunding campaigns while generating a completely new revenue stream.  All that is required is the installation of a tracking code and promotion to your users.



Is Your Campaign Right for Acceleration?

Campaigns we support…

Technologies, products, services, or solutions that address a big problem in the world. Impact is important, but if you are a for-profit social entrepreneur or brand the value of your product or service should come first.

Awesome creatives & social engagement are important aspects almost all successful campaigns have. Your video, images, infographics and website lay the groundwork for people believing in your project even before funding it.

Rewards, rewards, rewards. Even if you are a non-profit or cause related project, rewards are almost more important than your impact. Our CTO, Michael, created a large enough groundswell to pass state law for solar energy just by offering a chance to win an iPad. That said, your rewards don’t have to have pure commercial value.